Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience  
Since 1992 See Profile ( -> Projects).
Additional Qualifications  
08/2012 Awarded Master of Science (with merit) in Information Security (Royal Holloway University of London).
07/12 - 07/16/2010 One week IBM AIX Training: LPAR Virtualization "A to Z" with certificate.
08/21/2009 IBM Certified Specialist
System p Administration
02/02 - 02/06/2009 One week IBM AIX Virtualization Workshop.
2007 - 2010 SGD distance learning course Spanish with certificate (EU Niveau A2/B1).
03/26 - 03/30/2007 One week Python training (programming).
02/01 - 02/02/2007 Two days advanced Perl training (programming).
2005 One week training Solaris 10 operating system (administrator upgrade), orig. SUN training instructor and material.
09/20 - 09/24/2000 One week training "Neue Wege III / Excellence" including communication training, motivation, feedback, strategies, cooperation.
11/25/1999 One day workshop Service Center, Dresdner Bank
08/30 - 09/03/1999 One week training distributed Java programming techniques, orig. SUN training mat. and instructor.
02/15 - 02/19/1999 One week training Java advanced, orig. SUN training mat. and instructor.
Oct. - Nov. 1998 Evening class (four evenings) contract law in the software field (training academy).
09/16 - 09/24/1998 Evening class banking competence (training academy).
09/1998 Evening class (five evenings) Java-intro. to Internet programming (training academy).
06/23 - 07/07/1998 Evening class European economic and monetary union (training academy).
03/04 - 03/18/1998 Evening class Data Warehousing / Decision Support Systems (training academy).
01/12 - 02/09/1998 Evening class Project management I (training academy).
11/13 - 11/27/1997 Evening class SAP R/3 (training academy).
10/29 - 12/03/1997 Evening class Internet advanced (training academy).
10/1996 Two days training Kondor+ administration at Deutsche Bank.
Summer 1994 One month half-day intensive course Russian at a school in St. Petersburg.
06/1994 One week training "Neue Wege II" including communication training, motivation, feedback, strategies, cooperation.
02/1994 One week training "Neue Wege I" including communication training, motivation, feedback, strategies, cooperation.
09/1991 - 06/1992 Ten months adult education center typewriting.
1990 One year HVV professional training "Programming in Turbo Pascal / programming techniques".
See Documents ( -> Additional Qualifications).
Language Skills  
German German: native language.
English English: fluently (more than 9 years at school, intensive courses, study of computer science in South Ireland(1 trimester, scholarship) , english/international project for several years).
French French: sound knowledge (7 years at school and additional intensive courses).
Russian Russian: sound knowledge (2 years intensive course, language school St. Petersburg (6 weeks), several months EDP project in Moscow).
Spanish Spanish: EU Niveau A2/B1 (SGD correspondence course 14 months, adult evening classes 1/2 year ).
Beginning of October 1994 to Mid December 1994 One trimester study of computer science at Regional Technical College Cork in the Republic of Ireland. Writing of two project books with the topics "Project Management" and "UNIX network programming (sockets)".
2nd Study  
2008 - 2012 Information Security Study at Royal Holloway University of London, awarded Master of Science with merit.
1st Study  
1991 - 1995 Study of computer science at Fachhochschule Darmstadt with emphasis on systems programming and artificial intelligence.
  Degree 1995 as "Diplom-Informatiker (FH)" (equivalent to Bachelor with honours, 240 ECTS points) with an overall average grade of "1.6" (1=first class honours, 2=second class honours).
  Practical Training in the programming languages Turbo Pascal, Modula 2, Assembler, Fortran, Prolog, Smalltalk, C, C++ and the AI systems Synerg-Tech/Adept, Humble V2.0 and Kappa-PC.
  Thesis: Conceptual design and development of PC front end software including an ergonomic user interface for the transaction oriented Weight&Balance host system of Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Alternative civilian service  
1989 - 1991 Alternative civilian service at the German Red Cross in Groß-Gerau: Mobile social service, development of data management software in Turbo Pascal for the data processing service center.
Qualified Banking Professional  
1987 - 1989 Apprenticeship as Certified Commercial Clerk for Banking at Bayerische Hypotheken- und Wechsel-Bank AG in Darmstadt; Certified Banker in 1989 (Chamber of Commerce Darmstadt, Germany).
1987 General qualification for university entrance (Baccalaureate) with an overall average grade of "1.9".
1984 - 1987 Secondary school (stage II / "Gymnasium") (Gross-Gerau)
1980 - 1984 Secondary school (stage I) (Gross-Gerau)
1978 - 1980 Transition stage to secondary school (Trebur)
1974 - 1978 Basic primary school (Nauheim)
  High End Hifi and video (tubes etc.)
  Books, also antique ones
  Nature and traveling
  Uncommon means of transportation (Twike (electro), US cars/V8, Gyrocopter)