Personal Data
Place of Residence         654xx
Year of birth              1968
IT experience since        1992
Nationality                German
Available as of            01 June 2012 at 100%, availability on-site: 100%
Resume generated on        08 Apr 1999
Resume last updated on:    31 Jan 2010

Software development / Programming
Coaching / Training
Project management / Organisation / Coordination
Administration / Support
Quality assurance / Testing
Documentation / DTP
Present focus on administration/support and software development / programming / scripting / 
Professional main focus: UNIX script programming (shell, Perl, Python etc.); systems management with 
Tivoli and TWS / Maestro; UNIX administration and support; Internet prg. (HTML, XML, php, Java, CGI 
etc.), databases

Permanent position is currently not considered. Only contracting.

"Abitur" (general qualification for university entrance, baccalaureate)
Certified Banker (Chamber of Commerce Darmstadt, Germany)
"Diplom-Informatiker" (degree in computer science, equivalent to Bachelor with honours)
scholarship 1 trimester computer science in the Republic of Ireland

Additional Qualifications:
08/21/2009: IBM Certified Specialist System p Administration
02/02/2009-02/06/2009: One week AIX Virtualization Workshop.
2007-2010: SGD distance learning course Spanish with certificate (EU Niveau A2/B1).
03/26-03/30/2007: One week Python training (programming).
02/01-02/02/2007: Two days advanced Perl training (programming).
2005: One week training Solaris 10 operating system (administrator upgrade), orig. SUN training mat. and instructor.
11/25/1999: One day workshop Service Center, Dresdner Bank
08/30-09/03/1999: One week training distributed Java programming techniques, orig. SUN training mat. and instructor.
02/15-02/19/1999: One week training Java advanced, orig. SUN training mat. and instructor.
Oct.-Nov. 1998: Evening class (four evenings) contract law in the software field (training academy).
09/16-09/24/1998: Evening class banking competence (training academy).
09/1998: Evening class (five evenings) Java-intro. to Internet programming (training academy).
06/23-07/07/1998: Evening class European economic and monetary union (training academy).
03/04-03/18/1998: Evening class Data Warehousing / Decision Support Systems (training academy).
01/12-02/09/1998: Evening class Project management I (training academy).
11/13-11/27/1997: Evening class SAP R/3 (training academy).
29.10.-03.12.1997: Evening class Internet advanced (training academy).
10/1996: Two days training Kondor+ administration at Deutsche Bank.
Sommer 1994: One month half-day intensive course Russian at a school in St. Petersburg.
06/1994: One week training "Neue Wege II" including communication training, motivation, feedback strategies, cooperation.
02/1994: One week training "Neue Wege I" including communication training, motivation, feedback strategies, cooperation.
09/1991-06/1992: Ten months adult education center typewriting.
1990: One year HVV professional training "Programming in Turbo Pascal / programming techniques".
Work site:
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Within Germany
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--Germany: completly

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whole Germany, Darmstadt/Frankfurt (D6) preferred,
abroad/worldwide welcome as well

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Outside of Germany
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--completly in: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great-
Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, 
Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden


Foreign languages:
English: fluently (more than 9 years at school, intensive courses, study of computer science in South 
Ireland(1 trimester, scholarship) , english/international project for several years)
French: sound knowledge (7 years at school and additional intensive courses)
German: native language
Russian: sound knowledge (2 years intensive course, language school St. Petersburg (6 weeks), several months 
EDP project in Moscow
Spanish: EU Niveau A2/B1 (SGD correspondence course 14 months,  adult evening classes 1/2 year )
If additional language know-how is needed for a project, I am willing to attend further training 

Atari: ATARI 400, 800, 600XL, 800XL, 520 ST, 1040ST: programming, writing reports for an ATARI magazine
IBM Mainframe: long term contact with IBM mainframes
IBM RS6000: 44P, S390, 320H, 250, 410, Tiger, F40, J30, J50, PSeries 615(7029-x), 702x, P690 (Regatta) etc. : 
support, administration, software development, networks
PC: 386, 486, Pentium, AMD, Dual Core,...: support, administration, software development, Linux, 
SUN: SPARC, Ultra Enterprise 5000 etc..: support, software development
VAX: Assembler programming and operating system know-how from several internships / study placements / 
practical trainings
large amount of IBM RS/6000, SUN and PC hardware

Operating system:
Amiga OS: former private use
MS-DOS: 4.1, 5, 6: very good knowledge of DOS operating system commands
MVS, OS/390: use of MVS / OS/390 in connection with Unix (interfaces, file transfers), REXX, quality assurance
OS/2: 1 year experience from private use; REXX programming
SUN OS, Solaris: 5.5.1, 7, 8, 9,10: script programming + support; 1 week administrator training Solaris 10
TOS: ATARI ST: several years experience due to private usage and individual enterprise
Unix: excellent knowledge: IBM AIX, SUN OS, Solaris, Linux (SuSE, Debian, Knoppix, Ubuntu etc.), SCO
VMS: VAX VMS knowledge from study placement / practical training and own company (Micro Vax)
Windows: 3.x, 95, NT 3.5.1, NT 4.0,2000,XP: very good knowledge
Focus on Unix- and Linux operating systems like IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Debian, SuSE (Enterprise etc.),
 RedHat, Knoppix, Ubuntu, Mandrake etc.

Programming languages:
ABAP4: evening course
Assembler: experience from practical training: VAX assembler, masm, tasm
Basic: several years of experience: GW Basic, QBasic, Turbo Basic, Visual Basic, GfA Basic, ATARI BASIC
C: good knowledge (study + occasional programming)
C++: good knowledge, but preferably no pure C++ projects
Cobol: Programming in Natural at Software AG (similarities with Cobol)
CORBA IDL: usage in a project - basic knowledge
dBase: basic knowledge from a project
Delphi: very good Turbo Pascal knowledge
Emacs: no problem using Emacs editor
ESQL/C: basic knowledge from a project
Fortran: basic knowledge + experience from practical training during study
Imake, GNU-Make, Make-Maker etc...: gmake, make: usage and development of Makefiles in projects
Java, JavaScript: Java programming + several trainings from Sun, GUI development; Java Script programming / webpages
JCL: basic knowledge from Banking project, interfacing Unix/Host job scheduling
Lisp: basic knowledge (GNU Emacs Lisp programming)
Machine Languages: good basic knowledge (VAX assembler, masm, tasm from hands-on training during study)
Modula-2: very good knowledge from practical training during study, similar to Turbo Pascal
Natural: programming in Natural at Software AG, good knowledge
Pascal: very good knowledge in Turbo Pascal, 1 year intensive evening course, certificate + project
Perl: very good knowledge from projects + advanced training course
PHP: usage for several Internet projects and open source content management systems (CMS)
PL/SQL: good SQL knowledge from projects and programming
Prolog: knowledge from two practical trainings during study
Psion OPL: basic knowledge from private use
Python: good knowledge from a project and one-week training course
Rexx: good knowledge from OS/2 programming REXX
Script Languages: excellent knowledge (ksh, bash, Perl, Python,Tcl/Tk, awk, sed, make, gmake, CGI, Tivoli tll 
Shell: excellent knowledge: k-Shell (ksh), Bourne-Shell (bsh/sh), bash, C-Shell (csh, tcsh) etc.
Smalltalk: extended basic knowledge from 2 practical trainings during study, programming a game and robot arm 
Tcl/Tk: Perl + Tcl/Tk programming in a project, good knowledge
TeX, LaTeX: good knowledge (documentation in Tex/Latex)
yacc/lex: good knowledge from two practical trainings during study and a self developed complex language 
parser for a project
4gl: programming in Natural: good basic knowledge from a project + focus on artificial intelligence 
during study
Focus on scripting languages like e.g. Perl, Unix scripting (shell, sed, awk etc.), interfacing with 
databases, Internet languages like HTML, XML, php, CGI, Java Script; also Java Client/Server 
(applets, servlets, ...).

Access: extended basic knowledge
Adabas: basic knowledge
DB2: usage in a project
Informix: usage in project, development of scripts to access Informix DBs
JDBC: development of java programs using JDBC to access Informix and Sybase databases
ODBC: basic knowledge
Oracle: usage in a project, development of scripts to access Oracle DBs
Sybase: usage in a project, development of scripts to access Sybase DBs
In some projects it has been part of my everyday work to develop programs for automating database 
update and -retrieval.

Data communication:
Internet, Intranet
LAN, LAN Manager
Token Ring
Windows Network

o Banking, investment banking: several years of programming, administration, support
o Aerospace: several years Unix administration of the earth station of a weather satellite project + 
o Perl programming in the area of administration and Internet / Intranet / CGI
o Website development, maintenance, programming (Internet, HTML, HTTP, XML, TCP/IP, 
  Java, Java Script, Perl, php, CGI, several training courses)
o Accounting (for the German Red Cross and Deutsche Lufthansa AG)
o Compiler building: focus during study, some practical trainings
o Java, Java Script: event driven programming, GUIs, object oriented programming
o AI / artificial intelligence (second focus during study, some practical trainings)
o Migration / porting of software (from SUN OS on a workstation to SCO Unix on a PC)
o MS Office: daily use and programming in Excel Basic (3 months full time)
o Quality assurance
o Software- and procedure documentation for banking- and aerospace projects
o Testing, development of procedures and automating test runs
o business management: SoluVision IT Consulting GmbH since 1999
o TCP/IP / networks: setup, structured cabling, firewalls, DMZ

Trading/Banking/Financial Service Provider/Stock Exchange: software development, investment banking 
support, trading support
Insurance: software development, system administration
Aerospace: Unix administration of satellite earth station
Airport: degree project on weight and balance system; fixed assets management GUS
Analysis, Research, Development, University: database interface programming
Catering: inventory management / spreadsheet analysis
Medical: design, setup, administration and long term support of a computer network of a medical 
Civil Service: inventory management / spreadsheet analysis
Robot Control: control of a virtual robot arm using a smalltalk interface
Software Manufacturer: quality assurance, adjustment of tools, test automation

Period:	        06.05 - today
Company/Inst.:  Eumetsat - previously part of ESA/ESOC
                (Wikipedia: subject index Eumetsat)
Project:        - international project, english spoken (EPS / Eumetsat Polar System),
                which started the satellite Metop-A in autumn 2006
                (Wikipedia: subject index Metop)
                - mostly in Darmstadt (control centre for Metop-A) with some missions to
                Madrid (backup control centre for emergency cases)
                - Installation, maintenance, administration of the IBM AIX operating system
                Version 5.1 for approximately 300 nodes in all segments of the
                EPS earth station; administration of SuSE Linux Enterprise 9,
                SUN Solaris 10 and Windows 2000 / XP systems
                - Unix administration in a separate project named MET TCE
                (Meteorological Technical Computing Environment, approx. 10% of the
                time); administration of further AIX 5.1 servers there, with one SuSE
                Linux Enterprise 9 and one Enterprise 10 Server as well as 100
                SuSe Linux 9.3 Clients
                - on call 7/24 for one to two weeks per month (system: GEMS)
                - design and development of scripts for process automation
                and maintenance of the system enviroment (approx. 30% of
                the project time)
                - cvs configuration management (maintenance, configuration,
                assignment of access rights for all software projects)
                - design and development of scripts (shell, Perl) to
                distribute project updates from cvs to Unix and Windows servers
                using rsync and ssh with public/private keypairs
                - Development of rpm packages out of tar files sent by external contractors
                - automatic creation of rpm packages out of cvs modules and
                distribution of the packages in the network using AIX NIM server
                - implementation of changes on the Unix systems of the earth station
                with outstanding quality guidelines, multilevel config and reporting management
                as well as presentation of the intended changes to a decision board
                - administration of DNS-, LDAP-, NTP-, NIM etc. services
                - processing of so-called Baseline Modification Reports (BMRs)
                as preliminary stage of a cvs software distribution
                and tagging of the software to be distributed
                - processing of change requests using Serena Dimensions Lifecycle management
                software (web application)
                - support for the engineers in charge of different satellite facilities,
                e.g. by creating / modifying ksh, Perl- and Python scripts
                - attaching servers to external mass file storage (EMC Clariion)
                via SAN, extension of server hardware and replacement of
                components / modules, fibre channel cards etc.
                - planning, setup, monitoring of backups using
                Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM 5.3) and Veritas Netbackup.
                - development and maintenance of a set of documents regarding
                procedures and process flow in the project (Hummingbird DM (doc. management)
                and Windows Explorer DM extension)
                - installation and configuration of Veritas Cluster Server (vcs)
                4.1 MP4 under Linux
                - general support of colleagues with critical
                operations and administration of the network and the
                computer systems
                - usage of a local wiki system for documentation
Hardware:       IBM eServer pSeries 7026-B80, 7028-6C4, 7029-6C3, 690 (Regatta),
                570 Power 6, Linux-Server Dell PowerEdge 2850/2950,
                Overland NEO 2000/4000 LTO2 tape libraries, EMC Clariion 4000 disk
                libraries, PCs HP Compaq Evo and Dell Optiplex
Software:       IBM AIX 5.1, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10, SUN
                Solaris 10, ARTS (anomaly report tracking system)

Period:	        03.00 - 06.05
Company/Inst.:  Allianz Dresdner Informationssysteme GmbH / daughter of the
                Allianz group (Insurances)
Project:        - job scheduling, scripting/programming, administration, more
                details below:
                - systems management software suite IBM Tivoli
                - IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS): design of the architecture
                in the company (Unix / Windows / IBM Host), TWS consulting,
                software installation and -configuration, expanding the
                TWS network, support, monitoring, reporting
                - TWS 7/24 telephone support for operations with remote access to
                the customer's network.
                - IBM Tivoli software distribution: automatic distribution of
                new software releases and -patches to the clients within
                the Unix network (shell scripts with Tivoli commands and a
                Tivoli desktop, developed with Tivoli Task Library Language TLL)
                - IBM Tivoli Monitoring and Tivoli Enterprise Console:
                monitoring of the TWS network, development of an interface to the
                Tivoli tecad process (Tivoli Enterprise Console Adapter) from the
                enterprise console.
                - IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM, former ADSM): integration
                of TSM backup tasks in TWS, autom. backup of TWS data with
                TSM, restore using TSM.
                - Software Infrastructure Services: development of scripts,
                programs, modules (Perl, ksh, bash, sed/awk) in order to automate
                / simplify administration, workflow and management processes
                - independent design and development of a software distribution
                (at first making use of Tivoli Software Distribution)
                and subsequent automatic Tivoli Workload Scheduler configuration of the
                target nodes / clients. Thus it was possible to attach new TWS Clients
                by simply starting a script.
                - Enhancement of the functionality of the IBM product TWS, e.g.
                by developing an exitcode daemon (Perl/Shell), which affects
                the flow control of processes depending on the exit code of a predecessor.           
                - Development of a complex language parser using lex/yacc (C/C++),
                to transform the ASCII coded TWS object definition language in csv files
                that can be imported by databases like Sybase and mysql. Thus we created
                a database with daily updates to build up a history of all object
                changes and production runs to report to the management.
                - development of an interface for an Intranet data warehouse
                to collect system information / software releases etc.
                with cyclic transfer into the data warehouse.
                - automatic reporting for the management: automatic
                generation of an excel sheet (Visual Basic / Windows Scripting
                Host (WSH)) with daily generated metadata from the UNIX systems.
                - development of tools for the operations branch using the Tivoli
                Task Library Language (TLL) as interface.
                - Intranet: development of an Intranet site for the adjoining department
                of the customer (HTML, XML, php)
                - administration of Apache server, Tomcat server, Cocoon
                - development of Cocoon applications for the Intranet
                using XML and Java (as well as Java Server Pages, JSP).
                - development of XML pages for a customer-proprietary
                Intranet data warehouse with XML, XSL, LAMPP (Linux, Apache,
                mysql, php, Perl), Tomcat, Cocoon
Hardware:       miscellaneous IBM RS/6000, IBM Regatta, SUN Enterprise 10000,
                SUN Fire etc., IBM compatible PCs.
Software:       Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, SuSE Linux, RedHat Linux,
                IBM AIX 4.3.3, IBM AIX 5.1, SUN Solaris 2.6, 7, 8, 9, MS Word, Excel,
                Access, Power Point, Visio, Internet Explorer, Tivoli Systems Management
                Software Suite, Peregrine Service Center, Remedy Action Request System,
                IBM Netfinity, Remcon PC Duo, MS Terminal Server, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes,
                Unix commandline tools, Perl, php, Sybase, MySQL, Tomcat,
                Cocoon, ssh-Tools with public/private keypairs, cvs etc.

Period:	05.99 until today
Company/Inst.:  SoluVision IT Consulting GmbH
Project:        - foundation of the company, managing director
                - complete company administration, external representation
                - management of employees and freelancers
                - development of the Internet website, programming in HTML, CGI;
                setup of Content Management Systems (CMSes) / web portals
                like Xoops, Mambo, Joomla etc. as well as an eCommerce system
                (Webshop: Zen Cart)
                - activities as webspace- and domain provider, administration of a 
                root server in the internet with more than 100 domains, Apache2- and
                mysql administration
                - Perl programming, shell scripting, SSL libraries for
                automating intraday stock broking
                - design and setup of a 1km Cat.6 TCP/IP company network
                (structured cabling, distributed over three floors)
                with two subnets, two firewalls, integration of a
                telephone system and VOIP, Least Cost Routing dependent on
                source (telephone, fax, ...) and target telephone number
                - setup and configuration of a demilitarized zone (DMZ)
                with webserver / cameraserver and five cash desk certified
                IP network cameras for automatic object surveillance with
                motion detection in predefined picture areas, detection of
                temperature changes (infrared) and alarm message over telephone
                line as well as automatic picture transmission to an external server
                - setup of Linux firewalls (iptables) and VPN firewalls
                in a box for customers
                - administration of the company's computer network (3 IBM RS/6000
                AIX, 3 SUN Solaris, 5 Knoppix Linux PCs, 1 DEC VAX, 1 MS
                Windows, 1 DEC VT and 1 Neoware Thin Client)
Software:       mainly Debian / Knoppix Linux with Kernel 2.4 and 2.6,
                IBM AIX 5.1 and 5.2

Period:	        07.97 - 02.00
Company/Inst.:  Dresdner Bank AG
Project:        - Design and development of shell-, sed-, awk-, Perl- and Tcl/Tk-
                scripts under UNIX (AIX, SUN Solaris and Linux) with Tivoli 
                Framework- and Corba components for the process control of a
                Data-Warehouse under Tivoli TME 10. Development of TLL libraries, 
                tasks and jobs for implementation into Tivoli; usage of the Tivoli
                desktop for monitoring jobs and for manually restarting aborted
                - development of software for a completely automated installation 
                of new project versions into the Tivoli database. Transformation
                of commercial transactions for the trading applications Devon, Murex,
                Bloomberg, Kondor+, Stars etc. (investment banking area)
                - development of an event server (together with a colleague)
                for a process control that includes all process dependencies
                (Orbix/Iona / CORBA, C++).
                - maintain documentation and statistics in the Intranet 
                using MS Word, AOL Press, Perl and CGI techniques.
                - programming of SQL and HTML components for querying 
                Informix and Sybase databases, evaluation and presentation the
                results; SNIFF+ administration and UNIX support.
                - development of Java programs and GUIs (Swing) for existing 
                package building procedures (software deliveries). 
                - support for presenting process flows using 
                IBO (and IRIS for presentation in the intranet);
                - usage of Tivoli / Maestro 5.1 for professional 
                process control; Team SEU (software development environment); 
Hardware:       IBM compatible Pentium PCs, Sun Ultra Enterprise 5000, 
                8 processors (250 MHZ); IBM RS6000 F40, 2 processors; IBM J50, 
                4 processors; IBM RS6000 J30 and many more SUN- and IBM server types.
Software:       UNIX platforms with korn shell, Perl, sed, awk, CGI techniques, 
                Java V1.2 (V2), HTML, Tcl/Tk, Orbix 2.2MT IONA (CORBA
                implementation), Python, Symantec Visual Cafe, Kawa, 
                Informix databases (Frontend dbaccess), Sybase databases, 
                Sybase Open Client, Sybase Server Manager, Syborg, RCS 
                file config management, Sniff+ and Continuus 4.5 project management
                software, Netscape Communicator 4.5, AOL Press HTML editor, 
                MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, Visio, vi, vim, 
                emacs, nedit, Peregrine Service Center (Change and 
                problem management), IBO process control (IRIS in the intranet), 
                DREMOVE, flam; contact with INFINITY (database access /
                reporting), Rogue Wave and Rational Rose
                operating systems: Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 (also as a frontend for 
                accessing the UNIX workstations), AIX 4.1, SUN Solaris 2.5.1 
                (SUNOS 5.5.1), S.u.S.E. Linux 5.1, Debian Linux 2.0.34, SCO UNIX 
                System V/386 Release 3.2

Period:	        01.97 - 07.97
Company/Inst.:  Deutsche Bank AG
Project:        application support banking- and investment banking software,
                development of UNIX scripts for automating system and database
                monitoring, daily work with UNIX systems, HACMP Clusters and
                Oracle databases, setup of a knowledge database in the intranet
                covering frequent support problems
Hardware:       IBM Risc System / 6000 (320H, 250, 410, Tiger), SUN
Software:       AIX UNIX 3.X, 4.X, SUN OS (Solaris), system tools, Windows NT, 
                UNIX script programming, Oracle 7, Applix, Netscape, HTML, 
                CGI, JAVAScript (and JAVA); banking software: Kondor, DB-Gets, 
                OTC FE, DB-Repo, Tri-Party-Repo, DB-Eso, DB-Trader, Devon, 
                Murex, DFS, fnx, GDS, Scorer

Period:	        03.96 - 01.97
Company/Inst.:  Deutsche Bank AG
Project:        Second Level IT Support for whole of Europe in the area of 
                trading / banking, Investment Banking Systems. Troubleshooting, 
                support service for questions concerning UNIX workstations,
                applications, operating systems, explanation of interrelationships 
                within the heterogeneous workstation environment and to the mainframes 
Hardware:       IBM Risc System / 6000 (320H, 250, 410, Tiger), SUN (SPARC etc.)
Software:       IBM AIX 3.X, 4.X, Sun OS, Solaris, trader specific applications and 
                software like Effix ATW (Advanced Trader Workstation), Applixware, 
                Lotus 1-2-3, HP Open Mail, IBIS, DB Rates, Kondor +, Netscape, 
                Murex, DTB ("Deutsche Terminbörse" / German Derivatives Exchange),
                fnx, db-chat, IBM 3270 emulation, Country Basket

Period:	        10.95 - 01.96
Company/Inst.:  Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Moskow, Russia
Project:        Exclusive development of salary accounting software for 
                Lufthansa CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)/ Russia as well as
                fixed assets management software, IT support for the employees,
                installation of software, purchasing hardware
Hardware:       IBM PC
Software:       MS Excel, MS Word, MS Windows, miscellaneous driver software 
                (Russian / English / German)

Period:	        03.95 - 09.95
Company/Inst.:  Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Frankfurt / Main
Project:        Conceptual design and development of PC Front-End software 
                together with an ergonomic user interface for the transaction-
                oriented weight & balance host system of Deutsche Lufthansa AG; 
                three-volumed project in a two-person team
Hardware:       IBM PC + compatible
Software:       Configuration Manager (QUIK-Access) (Lufthansa specific 
                software), MS Office, Borland C++ for Windows

Period:	        09.94 - 12.94
Company/Inst.:  Regional Technical College Cork (Cork RTC); Republic of Ireland
Project:        Writing of two project books with the topics "Project Management"
                and "UNIX network programming (sockets)"

Period:	        07.93 - 09.94
Company/Inst.:  Software AG
Project:        Quality assurance for a large office communication system, 
                development of test plans and test case descriptions, 
                automation of test runs, programming in Natural 
                and on different operating system platforms, adaptation of tools 
                for these platforms, presentation of tests and tools 
Hardware:       IBM PC compatible, UNIX workstations, Mainframe, VAX/VMS
Software:       Natural, CON-NECT, Software AG products, SUN OS, MS DOS, 

Period:	        03.93 - 01.94
Company/Inst.:  Fachhochschule Darmstadt
Project:        supervision of the highschool's computer centre during the evening 
                hours, support of students with their work at the computer
Hardware:       IBM PC compatible, UNIX workstations
Software:       MS DOS, MS Windows, SUN OS

Period:	        03.93 - 11.93
Company/Inst.:  Fachhochschule Darmstadt
Project:        - Development of an interface in Smalltalk for controlling 
                  a robot simulator of an artificial intelligence (AI) system.
                - Development of the game "4 gewinnt" (4 wins) with specific
Hardware:       IBM PC compatible
Software:       Smalltalk under MS Windows

Period:	        1992 - 1996
Company/Inst.:  own company (individual enterprise)
Project:        support service for a medical practice, design and setup of the
                network as well as the hardware, support in usage and installation
                of software; maintenance
Hardware:       IBM PC compatible, Thin Ethernet network (peer to peer)
Software:       software for medical practices, MS Windows for Workgroups, MS DOS, 
                driver software for network cards

Period:	        07.92 - 09.92
Company/Inst.:  GMD ("Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung"); 
                Computer Science - research and development
Project:        Involvement in the development of an internal interface 
                between the text retrieval system INQUERY and the relational 
                DBMS Sybase for a complex database (Cordis); support in  
                porting a form oriented user interface for
                database retrieval from SUN UNIX to SCO UNIX (PC)
Hardware:       SUN workstations (SPARC)
Software:       SUN OS and Solaris with Open Windows on SUN SPARC Stations, 
                SUN 2.X, SUN 3.X. Usage of ANSI C, gcc, UNIX-SW-
                development tool make, script programming

Period:	        10.90 - 06.91
Company/Inst.:  Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross)
Project:        Development of inventory management and spreadsheet analysis
                software for IBM PCs
Software:       Borland Turbo Pascal under MS DOS

Period:	        1986 - 1987
Company/Inst.:  private
Project:        Managing member of the computer club Rhein-Main-Club ATARI,
                officially authorized by the company ATARI. 
                monthly creation of reports for the club's magazine
                (all ATARI 8 bit and 16 bit systems)
Software:       Software of all kind for ATARI 8 bit and 16 bit computers

Period:         1984 - 1988
Company/Inst.:  private
Project:        Development of application software and games on
                ATARI computers (ATARI 400, 800, 800XL, 130XE, 520ST, 1040ST)
Software:       Turbo- and GfA-Basic

- experience and specific interest in projects in the following areas:
  -- UNIX area: administration, support, security, programming
     (ksh, Perl, php, Python, sed, awk, Tcl/Tk, CGI, Java, Java Script, databases, ...)
  -- Tivoli and Tivoli Maestro systems management, workload scheduling, process control
  -- web area: (Intranet, Internet; rather technically oriented than design oriented)

- specific soft skills:
  -- calm and reasonable behaviour even in critical situations
  -- very high experience concerning work habits in highly sensitive projects
     (trading, banking, satellite earth stations)
  -- exceedingly few errors at work due to the experience in the above mentioned projects
  -- friendly appearance, very cooperative
  -- information exchange and mutual support in the team, absolute discretion outside work

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